Member Resources

Standard & Living Tribute Documents

Honor-Guard-Ceremony-3 WNHG-Living-Tribute-.docx-2

Member Pins – 3 options to pay.

  1. Please send a $20 check (or you can have your bank send us a check through your online bill pay) to the address noted just below.  In the memo section, write “PIN” and allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. 
Wisconsin Nurses Honor Guard  
P.O. Box 321
Waukesha WI 53187-0321

2.  Pay by Zelle WNHG account & allow for 4-8 weeks.  

3.         Pay by Venmo WNHG account & allow for 4-8 weeks. 

Lamp Info

Each Tribute Lead may choose to have every member enter the service tribute with their lamp lit, or they may opt to use just one lamp for the service. This will vary from service to service and from lead to lead. That is the fun of it, it doesn’t have to be perfect or identical each time it is performed. We will soon just be using the lamps for the service only, as WNHG will be phasing out gifting of the lamp to the family, and in turn, will be presenting them a white silk rose as the memorial gift. The lamp service is iconic to most nursing honor guards and will continue. Each member is required to have their own lamp and to find/manage their own replacement candles. 

Sticker logos for the lamp will be mailed to the new members when they request their WNHG service pin. Existing members who require a sticker logo for their lamp may simply email us at requesting one and it will be sent by mail. Please apply the logo as seen here to your lamp exactly as shown below. 

Do not purchase any other model except this model:  #PM1890 (PM stands for Prestige Medical) 1890. 

To purchase your own lamp, here are the most common options. 


Click this link, and then click on the “find a retailer” button. You can search for possible retailers of this model near you. If you have some stores that are found in the search, call the store to verify that they have it.


There are other websites that have this model as well, when you Google search “PM 1890 Nursing Lamp”; such as noted below. Just note that price and shipping may vary from site to site.–Standard-Size_p_3028.html

Replacement Candles:

Must be white

Can be found online, amazon, various stores and are under the name of chime candle, church/vigil candle. 

Exact replacement size is 4 inch long by 7/16 inch wide. 

However, it is easier to find the 4 inch long and ½ inch wide. This size will not fall into the hole of the lamp, but can be easily set into place with a little back and forth screw/twist motion and it will remain in place.